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God Seekers Intercessory Prayer

It has always been God’s desire that we experience His presence in our daily lives. He wants the glory back in our temples so that we can enjoy fellowship with Him. His will is that we follow His leadership daily, without contamination, by examining our hearts for sin, applying His Word to our circumstances, and seeking His face in prayer.

Prayer is the key to all that God has for us. However, we have to discipline ourselves to seek Him. As we seek Him, we have to act on what the Holy Spirit reveals to our hearts. The Holy Spirit is our real guide in the earth today. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is in our life, we have the resurrection power of Jesus in our life to demonstrate Supernatural miracles, signs, and wonders. The church should be exploding with power! God is trying to cultivate a people
who will believe him and act in faith to see the works of the devil destroyed in the lives of people who are suffering all kinds of bondage. The Holy Spirit empowers us to take the Kingdom of God to the World.

God Seekers meet daily at First Church, San Francisco for Intercessory Prayer from
12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m


Soul Seekers: Supernatural Evangelism Training

If we were to think of Jesus' ministry in today's terms, He would be a friend to any person who does not have the salvation of God in their heart in order that He might be an example and extend an opportunity to them to receive eternal life. The whole purpose of Jesus' ministry was to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). Who are the lost? Any person who has not received Jesus in their heart, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, lifestyle choice, faith tradition, or occupation, is lost. Jesus looked past human faults, failures, and frailties and modeled love, peace, joy, forgiveness, healing, righteousness, and justice. He could see right to the heart of matters and He knew what the need was in every individual's life. Supernatural Evangelism Training is developed to teach the principles of sharing one’s faith while demonstrating the power of God through the workings of the Holy Spirit to transform the lives of those that we encounter.


New Disciples for Jesus Training

In order for us to grow in the Creator’s plan and purpose for our lives, it is imperative that we follow the teachings of Jesus that are discovered in the Holy Bible. As a new disciple of Jesus, we start out like a new baby, but it is essential for our growth that we desire the sincere milk of the word. (I Peter 2:2) We will need to read and study the Bible, God’s Holy Word, to help us grow in our spiritual relationship with Jesus. The Bible reveals the mind, plan, purpose, and intent of the Creator. There is no way to live our lives successfully without it. (Matthew 4:4) The New Disciples for Jesus Training will give us an opportunity to build our faith in God and be filled with the Holy Spirit. (John 14:16, Like 11: 13, Acts 1:8)


Leadership Development Training

Here at First Church San Francisco, it is not our desire to make good members; we desire to make good leaders for 21st Century ministry. We believe that in every member there is a leader waiting to be cultivated. We will provide opportunities for leadership growth and training by offering “think tanks,” which are special trainings and seminars that will equip our leaders to lead effectively and with excellence.


Seniors on the Move

Aging is an inevitable experience in the life cycle. With better health care and information, seniors are living longer. However, after raising families and embarking upon retirement, many of them have a need and a desire to maintain significance. Seniors on the Move is a ministry that provides opportunities, information, care, socialization, and recreation that will get those who are advancing in years to moving steadily through the life cycle toward the plan and purpose that God has for their lives.


Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action is a ministry designed to meet the needs of individuals and families who are faced with the challenges of life and may be in need of immediate assistance or support. Through this ministry, First Church San Francisco will prepare hot and cold meals to be served on site or delivered to persons in the community who cannot get to our site. We will also provide some support with shelter, transportation, and other necessary items. We will partner with other community organizations to explore ways of providing support, training, and information to serve the needs of the disadvantaged. We will be the hearts and hands of Jesus in our community.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.' Then the righteous will answer him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?' And the King will answer them, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:35-40 ES


Culinary Arts Ministry

The Culinary Arts Ministry is to prepare nutritious and cost effective meals. This ministry consists of faithful volunteers within our ministry.  The many duties of the Culinary Ministry include: preparing menus for the fellowship dinners and special services and events, shopping for the food and supplies, serving the food, and cleaning the kitchen.  

Food is an important part of our church fellowship. The Culinary Arts Ministry prepares and serves healthy, balanced meals. It plans nutritious menus that lean toward being heart healthy. The ministry also includes teaching parishioners how to prepare healthy food at home. The majority of Culinary Arts Ministry’s members are certified food handlers, and the director is a licensed chef.


Steward Board

A Steward is a person of piety that has an understanding of the doctrines of our church and a sincere desire to promote the spiritual growth of the membership. The Pastor in Charge nominates the Stewards and the Quarterly Conference has the authority to confirm or reject each nomination. The Board of Stewards must consist of a minimum of three persons. The duties and responsibilities of the Stewards include: (a) to receive and make an exact account of all funds for the support of the church’s ministry; (b) to provide a parsonage or make other housing arrangements for the pastor and the pastor’s family; (c) to provide relief for members in need; and (d) to assist the minister in promoting and encouraging the spiritual growth of all members of this society.


Trustee Board

A Trustee must be at least twenty years of age. The duties of the Board of Trustees include: (a) responsibility for the physical maintenance and safeguard of the real property, physical equipment, and all other assets owned by the church; (b) to ensure that order and decorum prevail in the church at all times; and (c) to perform the duties of the stewards where there is not a duly constituted Board of Stewards. The Board of Trustees shall consist of not less than three members nor more than fifteen members. The Pastor in Charge is the ex-officio President of the Trustee Board.


Stewardess Board

The duties assigned to the Stewardess by the A. M. E. Zion Book of Discipline is to (a) assist the Preacher’s Steward; and (b) make provisions for the support and comfort of the Pastor and his or her family. The Stewardess may, by the authorization of the Pastor, assist the Preacher’s Steward with meeting the needs of the Pastor and the Pastor’s family.


Missionary Society

The purpose of the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is to:

► Promote growth in the knowledge and understanding of God and His plan of redemption for the world, as revealed through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit

► Teach the concepts of Christian missions and provide experiences for participation in mission work and its ministries

► Exemplify the principles of Christian living and to win others to Christ

► Promote the cause of World Evangelism

► Serve as a financial support system to under gird the world mission outreach of the A.M.E. Zion Church at home and overseas to the end that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ is exalted and God is glorified



A female member of deep spiritual values and high moral character may be consecrated and set apart for the office of Deaconess. The duties and responsibilities of a Deaconess include; (a) visiting the sick, the un-churched, and the shut-in; (b) counseling the lonely and depressed; (c) praying with and for those who desire prayer; (d) assisting the Pastor in worship and preparation of the Holy Sacraments of the Church; and (e) assisting candidates in preparation for Holy Baptism and ensuring the proper paraments are dressed on the Altar. She will also be engaged in helping wherever there is a need.


Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Department is the instructional arm of the ministry. We offer instructional classes for all age groups through our Encounter with Jesus Classes and our weekly Bible Experience Class which is offered on site and online. Throughout the year, we will offer workshops, seminars, and conferences that will strengthen and bring persons to maturity in Christ including our Children, Youth, Young Adults, and Mature Adults. Within this department, we also offer cultural and dramatic arts ministry.


Bessie Moore Women of Zion (Scholarship Fund)

The Bessie Moore Women of Zion Ministry began more than 18 years ago. Our mission is to support and assist members and/or the family members of First A.M.E. Zion Church in the attainment of post-secondary education. Monies for scholarships are largely contributed by the members of Bessie Moore Women of Zion and the outside community. To date, no monies from the church treasury have been set aside to support scholarships. The Willye Wesson Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors who have been accepted to a four-year college/university. This scholarship can only be granted once as it is a one-time gift. The Book Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors planning to attend any two-year post-secondary institution and/or current college/university students. The Book Scholarship is renewable and can be applied for more than once. The Book Scholarship has also been given in memory of a deceased member of First A.M.E. Zion Church when $250 or more is donated to the Bessie Moore Women of Zion Scholarship Ministry. Members of the congregation can donate monies to Bessie Moore anytime by denoting on a check that the monies are for scholarships. If the scholarship is in memory of a deceased member, please denote the name on the check and contact any member of the Bessie Moore Women of Zion Ministry.


Men’s Ministry (Men of Zion)

Mission: To engage, equip, and empower all men to Maximize their potential with an emphasis on health, wellness, and wholeness.

Statement of Purpose: Understanding that men are in many different places in life, the Men of Zion exist to; (a) equip men to live victoriously, building authentic relationships; (b) empower men to become better men; (c) encourage men to live healthy lifestyles; (d) provide mentoring on all levels; (e) reach all men right where them are; and (f) develop strong male leadership.


Ushers and Greeters

An Usher is a servant of the Church whose duties are many. They are expected to; (a) attend his/her own meetings and obligations; (b) oversee the Church Congregation and Visitors as to seating direction, order, and decorum; (c) spot trouble, illness, and any other necessity; (d) be on time; (e) greet people warmly; (f) be at one’s station early in order to become acquainted with the order of the day; (g) observe when to admit worshippers into the sanctuary; (h) help provide for babies and young children; and (i) be a good public relations person. The Usher must have a desire for the glory of God in worship always and be ready when called upon to attend outside invitations to other churches and conferences.

Greeters are warm, friendly servants who welcome persons into the service with a smile. An encounter with a Greeter can set the tone for how individuals experience the Worship of God. Greeters set the atmosphere that makes visitors and members feel welcome at First Church, San Francisco. They are instrumental in providing the necessary direction and guidance that will help members and new comers.


Lay Council

The objectives of the Lay Council include: (a) deepening the spiritual life of the laity; (b) disseminating information; (c) cultivating spiritual commitment; (d) expanding the work of the A.M.E. Zion Church through education and evangelism; and (e) promoting any interest of the Kingdom of God. Any member in good standing with the First A. M. E. Zion Church is urged to become a member of the Lay Council and support its programs and objectives.


Liturgical Dance and Miming Ministry

Liturgical Dance and Miming are expressions of Worship to God that may be presented as rhythmic or theatrical movements accompanied by well-selected songs. The choreographed movements can communicate feelings of joy, challenge, struggle, or excitement and demonstrate how the love of Jesus always causes us to triumph. This ministry is open to Youth and Young or Mature Adults who desire to worship God with creativity.


Music Ministry

The purpose of the Music Ministry of First AME Zion Church is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers in their walk with Christ, and help lead the congregation in diverse and meaningful expressions of worship, providing an avenue through which individuals may share their gifts, talents and abilities. We seek to worship the Lord through our lifestyle every day and to become lifelong worshipers of God!


Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet serves to provide for those in need by serving others new, pre-owned clothes, shoes and other items that are donated to us. We seek to partner with other organizations who share in helping to meet our objectives of giving service to others. This outreach is to both those who give to and those who receive from the Clothes Closet.


Campus Outreach Ministry

In the wake of the rise of the “Nones”, it has become even more critical that we maintain a presence of Jesus’ love and peace on college campuses in our city. It is our commitment to take an active role on campuses in our community to share the love of Jesus and expose the ministry of First Church, San Francisco. Through this effort of ministry we will conduct special services, fellowship opportunities, studies, and seminars to college age students that will support their faith and growth in Jesus.


Social Media Outreach

Our Social Media Outreach administrates, maintains, develops, and implements various online media platforms for First Church, San Francisco. It will assist with website management, Social Media accounts, church apps for mobile devices, and the online presence of First Church.

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